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The DMSO.BZ Solution of DMSO



If you are suffering from pain, then, PLEASE, spend a few minutes and read the information we are providing for you - it will help you reduce, relieve, and prevent pain!!!, AND actually help you to heal.  DMSO promotes healing at the cellular level.


BREAKING NEWS!!!! - After Four Years, Patent Now Issued

Best therpeutic formula for DMSO. U.S. Patent Office agrees- issues Patent- the DMSO.BZ solution is unique in the world.

Check it out yourself. Only Patent issued claiming formula of DMSO for therapeutic uses in almost TWENTY FIVE YEARS.





For your own knowledge and education, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE FROM US, please make sure to read the "More About DMSO" page, where you will learn a great deal about DMSO and the DMSO.BZ solution and how to apply it, as well as information on its many uses - thanks. The information is free and what you learn may improve your quality of life, or that of a loved one and will give you the information you need to protect yourself from purchasing inferior or dangerous products. - thanks.
We have more information here for you on this amazing product (DMSO) than just about any other web site you will find, in the world.  Also, which we feel is very important to you, is the fact that no other web site that offers a DMSO product for sale talks, even a little, about their own use of DMSO, and none talk about their use of their own product.  WE DO!  I have used DMSO, and now our solution, The DMSO.BZ Solution of DMSO, for over thirty years, AND I TELL YOU ABOUT IT.  YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION!

     ALSO:  We have been selling this product on E Bay for over FIVE years and have a 100% feedback rating- there must be a reason - we tell the truth, and the product works for most.

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We  are introducting the DMSO.BZ solution of DMSO, as the newest additon to our product line, followed by our premier product, the Pain Ease, the best microwaveable heating pad on the market.

The "DMSO.BZ" Solution (Patent Pending) , and it's derivative,  MSM (a Nutritional Suplement) Both Help to Safely Reduce Swelling, Inflammation, Muscle Soreness, and Pain and Actually Promote the Healing Process.

The "DMSO.BZ" Solution is our own, specially formulated, solution of DMSO. It is well established, medical fact, that DMSO reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain, as well as actually promotes healing of tissue at the cellular level. This amazing formulation is applied topically, similar to some of the various heat rubs, which provide a chemically induced heat to aid in reducing sore muscles, aches and pains. The "DMSO.BZ" solution, UNLIKE heat rubs, does so much more.  DMSO  penetrates human tissue and promotes the healing process´┐ŻReduces and/or stops swelling, bruising and tissue damage, and helps to stop pain associated with these injuries.

The "DMSO.BZ" patent pending blend contains 70%, high grade DMSO (over 99% purity), and 30% distilled water, by volume. We then add to this solution a carefully measured volume of 100% pure honey, in a proportion which our years of experimentation determined is optimal for most uses. NOTE: We never use industrial-grade DMSO.


Because there is so much information about dmso on the web, and not wishing to clutter up the site, I had not bothered to publish any testimonials, possibly to your detriment. I decided it may be of help to you to hear from another real person, other than my own documentation, so I have decided to publish some. Even though Steve has been gracious enough to offer to allow persons to e mail him, I will not infringe on his privacy, but will publich his e mail to us for your reference. Not everyone will get the same results, but they are typical of this wonderous product. Some e mails follow:

    This one just in, November 2010:

-----Original Message-----

From: James K

Sent: Saturday, November 27, 2010 10:35 AM

To: The DMSO.BZ Product Store

Subject: Message from The DMSO.BZ Product Store

From: James K

Email: jk........@.................


I ordered two bottles of your DMSO-BZ for my wife on Nov 15th & received

them that same week. My wife is 74, has degenerative lumbar disc problems &

has been in constant debilitating pain for years. Injections, physical

therapy, powerful medications, even accupuncture treatments have done

nothing to ease her back pain.

Then a friend recommended your product. Out of desperation I ordered it. It

is a Godsend !!! My wife has only used it for a week, several times a day,

but she says her back pain has decreased by 2/3. We know she will never be

pain free, but she not only now feels much better, she looks much more

relaxed. Thank you !!!

We are recommending DMSO-DZ to our 5 children & our friends who are in pain.

Thank you again for a great p[roduct.

A new but lasting customer,

Jim K


From: Laurie
Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2010 7:27 PM
Subject: My DMSO experience

Hi There!

I have been using DMSO for years because it works so well for my pain, but I have always been concerned about the health food store brands that come in the plastic containers. Knowing that DMSO is a solvent, I was concerned about the impurities from the container going into my body. So, I looked on the internet for a DMSO product with safer packaging and found DMSO.BZ.

I can't thank you enough for offering this superior product in safe, glass bottles! The first thing I noticed when I received your DMSO is that it didn't smell bad like the stuff I bought at the health food store. It still smells like DMSO, only cleaner... uncontaminated, I guess. I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and have been known to spot contaminated essential oils that others don't notice. Your DMSO actually smells "right" to me and I am no longer concerned about contamination from plastic.

Also, I am typing this pain free! I have severe arthritis in my hands which makes it difficult for me to type and nearly impossible for me to write. After using your product, I am able to do all the things a busy mother of 4 and nursing student can do!

Last year one of my nursing classes had a debate about the use of DMSO. Unfortunately, all the students in my class relied on outdated and misleading information and had a very negative, fearful attitude about it. Many expressed shock when I told them I have been using it for years. This prompted me to write a short essay showing the positive research that has been done on DMSO. Mainstream medicine and the press has demonized this amazing product long enough!

However, not all mainstream medical doctors are against the use of DMSO. I showed your DMSO to my family doctor yesterday and he was thrilled to see that I found it packaged in a glass bottle and wrote down your website information. He is also a long time user and recommends it to his patients for sports injuries and arthritis. He suggested that I put a couple of drops of oregano oil into it because DMSO is such an efficient carrier. We use oregano oil for shingles (herpes zoster) as it is a powerful antiviral herb.

Once again, Thank you for offering this wonderful product!



----- Original Message -----



Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2006 7:26 PM

Subject: DMSO

I wanted to write you a short note to tell you how thrilled I am with your product. I found your website one night after trying many different remedies for the pain in my hip. I run a great deal and had developed a sharp pain in my left hip joint. It got progressively worse over a period of months until I finally had to quit running altogether. The pain would often wake me up at night if I rolled over in my sleep. I gained about 20 lbs. during this time and was very unhappy with my health. I tried other forms of exercise but they all hurt my hip just as much as running. I tried every cream and ointment that I could find in hopes that it would provide some relief. I finally tried something with MSM in it. When I researched MSM I found that it came from DMSO.

I bought a bottle of your DMSO.BZ and applied it twice a day for about a week. To my utter amazement my pain was nearly gone. I wanted to go run that very day. However, I waited another three or four days until I was completely pain free. The following day I ran without pain and have every day since. I travel a lot for my job and sometimes forget to take my 8oz. bottle of DMSO.BZ with me. After a few days I can feel the swelling and pain in my hip coming back. That's how I know it's your product that is responsible for the healing that is taking place in my hip.

My father is 81 years old and I recently introduced him to DMSO.BZ. He has arthritis in the knuckles of his right hand and he had found nothing that would give him any relief. After two weeks with your product he reported to me that he noticed a lot less pain. He uses DMSO.BZ twice a day now and can write and turn the pages of a book without significant pain.

Thank you very much for what you are doing. I tell people about your web site all the time. Please feel free to show my e-mail to anyone who asks for proof that your product works. Or better yet have them send me an e-mail. I will tell them what a difference you have made for me.


Steve Wal---


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